Serving Military Clients Series

Real Estate Agents: Learn How to Turn the Military Market into Your Secret Weapon!

Serving Military Clients Series

What We Cover:

You will be SHOCKED to learn how much information on the VA Home Loan is complete nonsense. We will teach you how to use the VA Home loan to build your business! Leave this FREE training with all the skills you need to serve the Military community like a BOSS! This three part series covers everything you need to know.

Real Estate Agent Series #1: Learn How to Turn the Military Market into Your Secret Weapon!

In 60 mins we will cover:

– Who is Eligible for the VA Home Loan?

– Advocating for the Veteran Buyers!

– Credit Scores (Because YES – there really is NO Minimum!)

– How to have Multiple VA Home Loans

– The ‘Must-Ask’ list of questions for your VA Clients

– How to help Transitioning Military families!


Real Estate Agent Series #2: Getting Offers Accepted & More Facts You Should Know!

In 60 minutes we will cover:

– Pre-Approval for the VA Buyer

– Getting VA Offers Accepted

– The ‘Must-Ask’ List of Questions for your Military clients

– How to have multiple VA Home loans

– Properties that qualify with a VA Home Loan (Yes! Duplexes, and Fourplexes qualify!)

– Helping Military Families relocate


Real Estate Agent Series #3: VA Appraisals, Inspections, Closing Costs & More!

In under 60 minutes, we will cover:

– VA Appraisals: beginning to end (Tidewater, reconsideration of value, and more!)

– Writing Strong VA Offers

– Closing Costs (ways to get your clients debt lowered)

We have been teaching for years and developed this class with step-by-step instructions that you can adopt immediately. We will show you how to level up for a stronger offer and a smoother VA transaction!

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